Have you ever asked yourself what Paleo food is? If so, you need to understand that Paleo food is a nutritional plan similar to foods that were consumed in the Paleolithic era. This diet dates back to about 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago. Paleo food includes the following:

  • Lean meat
  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Seeds

A Paleo diet is against foods that were introduced when farming started about 10,000 years. These foods include grains, legumes, and dairy products. There are other names given to the Paleo foods, such as the following:

  • Stone Age diet
  • Paleolithic diet
  • Hunter-gatherer food
  • Caveman diet

The Purpose of Paleo Food

What makes people turn to this diet is eating nutritional foods similar to those that early humans ate. The reason for the introduction of Paleo foods is due to the genetically mismatched human bodies. Mismatched genetics in humans emerged with farming practices. Therefore, people need to eat Paleo food regularly. When people take on Paleo diets, they can avoid heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

Why You Need to Follow a Paleo Diet

In most cases, people follow a Paleo diet because they want to maintain or lose weight. They also consider this diet since it helps them in planning meals. However, the most significant benefit of taking this diet is to be healthy always.

A Typical Paleo Diet Set Menu

This article provides a guideline of what people need to eat on a typical set menu following Paleo nutritional food. People who follow this menu should eat food in the following order:

  • Breakfast – Cantaloupe and broiled salmon.
  • Lunch – Lean pork thigh grilled with salad (tomatoes, carrot, romaine, lemon juice lint, and walnuts).
  • Dinner – Steamed broccoli, lean beef, desert strawberries, and salad.
  • Snacks– Celery sticks, carrot sticks, and an orange

If you follow the Paleo diet, you can achieve the health benefits. Doing physical exercises while sticking to Paleo food is also healthy.