Honest Food 2.0 - How does it work?


As an online customer, exactly the same as it always did! From 1 September 2017, our website will be back in action as an online store, so you can buy your yummy paleo protein bars without any fuss. They will be available in boxes of 12, so you can always have them on hand at home, work, in the car and in your bag. And as they're handmade with love by a local, you are supporting a local business. How cool are you!


How does it work as a Local Honest Food Boss?

Excited to become a local Honest Food Boss? Here's some more details for you. 

Belinda has created a business model that enables someone to own their own business with minimal risk and without the high capital requirements that is normally needed. High 5 to that! You can own your own Honest Food business as a standalone, or you could have it your "second job" that allows you to have more money in your back pocket. Totally up to you, and depends on how much effort you want to put in to it, outside of the online sales which are driven by Belinda & her online marketing savvy team.

Here's all you need to know to make the decision, if this ticks all your boxes, then apply for your local license here

How much does it cost?

    • Annual License Fee NZD$5000, become a HF Boss before 31 July and you receive your second year free!
    • Monthly Fee (marketing, sales, technology) NZD$120
    • Ingredients (you order a Pre-Mix to keep the costs low)
    • Hireage of a local commercial kitchen (only when you need to make product)

Well that's the money stuff out of the way, what else?

    • Full training in sales and making the bars prior to launch as well as ongoing sales & personal development training, including quarterly catchups and a yearly celebration with all of the HFBosses!
    • You buy a pre-mix from HQ and add wet ingredients. 
    • Our bars are 'unbaked', so there is no cooking involved.
    • Packaging will be sent with Pre-Mix.
    • Sales & Marketing templates will be available to you with your information so the brand message and content is in alignment and current.

OK, back to the money stuff, how do I make money?

    • You are paid out weekly based on online sales fulfilled (less online payment processing fees). HQ do not retain any percentage of online payments. They are paid out to you!
    • For your direct sales, the customer pays you directly.
    • The first milestone is $1000 sales per week and you have support to help you achieve this and more.
    • You can also sell to local workplaces, schools, sports clubs, at events etc
    • Minimum 20% profit margin (this is keeping it very conservative)

So, does this sound like what you've been looking for? Become one of the first HF Bosses and benefit from receiving sales from outside your area. Our system will choose the closest HF Boss if an online order comes in that doesn't have a local Boss.

I want to be my own HF Boss! What do I need to do?

Application here, once approved, you will receive a Licence Agreement and payment options. Sign up before 31 July and receive your Year 2 for free, saving you NZD$5000!

Obtain your Basic Food & Hygiene Certificate & source a local commercial kitchen to hire (we can help you).

Come to Auckland to be trained and tell all your friends, family and local networks that you are now your own boss and own a local Honest Food biz!

Can't wait to welcome you to the Honest Food Family!

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